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Partners Tru Communications: Simplifying Business Solutions

Tru Communications | Experts in Cornerstone Solutions

Tru Communications Partner Opportunities & Introducer Bonus Schemes

Becoming an introducer on behalf of Tru Communications is possibly one of the easiest ways you can earn a high second income.

Tru believe in keeping this extremely simple so people who become introducers see exactly how much they can earn from every single introduction they make.

Who is an introducer:

Well, quite simply, everyone! We all have friends and family with jobs or businesses, they all know people at work and through social circles. When the average number of Facebook friends tops 338 per person and 208 Twitter followers each, it’s plain to see how easy introducing can be for pretty much anyone who wants to earn £100. With a tiny bit of thought and effort you could earn thousands!

How it works: 
If you bring a qualified introduction to Tru for any of our cornerstone business products listed below:

Commercial mobile phone contracts | Telephone systems | Cloud-based telecoms | Call & line billing | MFD' s | Printers | Photocopiers | Fleet tracking 

Tru Communications will pay you up to £100. per individual service we agree with a customer.*

What is "qualified"?: 

Qualified means that you supply a company name, contact person, contact number,  email and this person ideally will be expecting a call from somebody at Tru on your recommendation to discuss one of the above products!

What do I need to do?

Step 1: You get an introducers code to quote when you send in your introductions

Step 2: Send us the qualified information as above (or as much as you can do, logic and sense applied).

Step 3: Tru will contact the prospect, arrange meetings,  provide solutions proposals and manage through to service implementation.

Step 4: You get paid !

Step 5: Return to Step 2.

For more information, complete the contact form at the bottom of the page using INTRO as the subject and our partner team will be in touch soon to give you more information about the opportunity

*£100. only payable once Tru Communications have been paid for services supplied. Not every service commands £100, which is a maximum per service not a minimum.

Through drive, determination and focus. We deliver service beyond belief. Making us the most respected provider of choice in the UK.

Kai-la Minshull, Director

Tru Communications | Experts in Cornerstone Solutions Complete business solutions to suit your needs.

Through drive, determination and focus. We deliver service beyond belief. Making us the most respected provider of choice in the UK. With over 30 combined years in the fast paced world of telecommunications, managed print, fleet telematics and commercial mobile communication solutions Tru are perfectly placed to advise, engage and contribute towards improving clients business processes whilst reducing costs The way businesses work today would have been unthinkable just 20 years ago. Many employees now benefit from flexible start times, some have the option of working from home, the office or a hot desk and some even cross international boundaries on a daily basis. It’s vital that today’s fast paced businesses have the agility to respond seamlessly to the daily demands of modern life. A successful business must be able to harvest and present information INSTANTLY, connect with people who need this information INSTANTLY and be able to react to the ever changing facts INSTANTLY. With the right technology your business will have the necessary competitive advantage to stay ahead of the game and provide world class service. Tru Communications supply market leading and globally recognised products and services. We employ experts in our field allowing us to deliver truly converged business offerings to our clients.

"Tru Communications attention to detail is second to none. The bespoke package they created for us was exceptional and delivered efficiently. We will only be using them going forward"

Tru peace of mind

Taking any service from Tru Communications means you can look forward to excellent customer service across multiple product ranges. We treat every customer with respect, integrity and honesty. This all ensures the benefits set out to you when you first engage with Tru Communications are carried forward year after year.

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