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EFM & Leased LinesTru Communications: Simplifying Business Solutions

Tru Communications | Experts in Cornerstone Solutions

Tru Communications make our packages as simple and transparent as possible for you

If you are looking for an unrestricted, ultrafast broadband connection, then EFM or a leased line service is a great option. These products offer a private, uncontended connection for exclusive use by you and your business. Enjoy guaranteed efficiency, reliability and unlimited data usage.


Unlike traditional leased lines which use fibre, EFM uses bundles of copper pairs to deliver lower cost, high speed and high resilience internet access.

  • Up to 20 Mbps upload and download speed
  • Rapid install times
  • Up to 65% cheaper than leased lines
  • Retain connectivity even when copper pairs fail

Leased Line

Leased line offers 1:1 contention ratio giving you a dedicated and unrestricted internet connection which is permanently available for your exclusive use.

  • Up to 20GB upload and download speed
  • Extremely reliable with 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Secured connection
  • Ideal for data hungry businesses

Save up to 40% of your telephone costs in year one, and up to 60% in year two

Through drive, determination and focus. We deliver service beyond belief. Making us the most respected provider of choice in the UK.

Kai-la Minshull, Director

Tru Communications | Experts in Cornerstone Solutions

"Tru Communications attention to detail is second to none. The bespoke package they created for us was exceptional and delivered efficiently. We will only be using them going forward"

Tru peace of mind

Taking any service from Tru Communications means you can look forward to excellent customer service across multiple product ranges. We treat every customer with respect, integrity and honesty. This all ensures the benefits set out to you when you first engage with Tru Communications are carried forward year after year.

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